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Delivering today for a better future

Through AGIG’s leadership, hydrogen has taken its rightful place at the centre of Australia’s energy debate. With Hydrogen Park SA, the largest renewable gas project in Australia, we’re turning our responsibility of a low carbon future into reality.

Committed to a cleaner future
Australia has committed to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) to between 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030, and South Australia is targeting being carbon-neutral by 2050. Renewable hydrogen can play a major part in achieving these goals.

Hydrogen can be used in the same way as natural gas, heating homes and businesses, generating electricity and as a transport fuel. Yet it doesn’t produce any carbon emissions – only water and energy. By converting renewable electricity into hydrogen, we can store vast amounts of renewable energy for later use (such as when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing) and still have the superior reliability and heating performance that natural gas provides.

About Hydrogen Park SA
Located at the Tonsley Innovation District, Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) is an innovative energy project that will produce renewable hydrogen gas. 

Supported by the South Australian government with grant funding of $4.9 million, HyP SA is aligned with the state's vision to be a leader in developing the hydrogen economy. From mid-2020, HyP SA will produce renewable hydrogen using water and renewable electricity through a process known as electrolysis. 

The hydrogen will be blended with natural gas and supplied to nearby homes and businesses via the existing gas network. There’s also potential for supply to industrials and transport via tube trailers (long storage tubes on the back of semi-trailers).

A 5% hydrogen blend is the first step to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. We’re also pursuing more projects, aiming to blend up to 10% hydrogen in SA and across the other regions we serve before 100% conversion.

Planning is underway for a National Hydrogen Discovery Centre to be located alongside HyP SA, enabling us to engage with communities and stakeholders, provide education services, and facilitate project work to underpin similar developments around Australia.

We expect to start construction in the second half of 2019, and the production of hydrogen by mid-2020. Once operational, HyP SA is expected to operate for at least five years.


Project timeline
Q1 2018 – Project funding agreed with the South Australian Government
Q3 2018 – Front End Engineering Design (FEED) complete
Q4 2018 – Electrolyser purchased
Q4 2018 – Tonsley site finalised
Q1 2019 – Preferred design and construction contractor selected
H2 2019 – Project construction
Q1 2020 – Project commissioning
Mid-2020 – First hydrogen production and supply of 5% renewable hydrogen blended gas to homes

 Find out more
To Find out more about HypSA, visit blendedgas.agn.com.au

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