Customer Access

DBP offers a number of pipeline services on the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) connecting natural gas producers, users and retailers across Western Australia.

While standard terms and conditions can be made available, we recognise that prospective shippers have unique requirements and look forward to the opportunity to discuss customised service offerings.

DBP’s range of services provided on the DBNGP are set out below.

Reference Services

(Subject to available capacity) General Description
Full Haul T1 Service Firm gas transport without interruption except as expressly permitted under contract to an outlet point South of Compressor Station 9 on the DBNGP from any inlet point
Part Haul P1 Service Firm gas transport without interruption except as expressly permitted under contract to an outlet point where a distance based tariff would apply
Back Haul B1 Service A gas transportation service where the inlet point is downstream of the outlet Point

Pipeline Services

Non-Reference Services General Description
Spot capacity service Allows access to gas transmission capacity on a day ahead basis where available. See Governing Rules for market for Spot Capacity in Key Documents
Pipeline impact agreement An agreement specified under the Gas Supply (Gas Quality Specifications) Act 2009 developed to allow gas producers to supply broader quality gas in Western Australia
Data services A service developed to assist gas producers in providing gas allocations to Shippers on the DBNGP
Inlet sales agreement A pipeline service that facilitates the trading of inlet capacity between shippers at a single inlet point on the DBNGP
Other Reserved Service A capacity service which has a reservation charge but excludes Firm Services, T1, P1, B1 and Spot Capacity
Pilbara service A gas transportation service on the DBNGP where deliveries are within the Pilbara Zone (between I1-01 and MLV31 includes I1-01 and MLV31)
Peaking service A pipeline service where a shipper can obtain additional peaking limits to those set in standard terms
Backflow Service (Ullage) A bespoke capacity service where gas is required to be delivered to the Karratha Gas Plant
Seasonal service A gas transportation service where the profile of reserved capacity can be customised to suit the monthly requirement of the Shipper

Prospective shippers are encouraged to discuss their requirements with us. Please visit our Contact us page and contact DBP’s Commercial Team.  

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