A new 30-inch diameter pipeline will run 3.2 kilometres, connecting the Woodside-operated Pluto LNG Plant to the NWS Project’s Karratha Gas Plant (KGP), and is the first component of the infrastructure needed to transport gas between the two facilities.

Design and Operations

Under the contract entered into with Woodside, AGIG will design, construct and operate the new pipeline in addition to three facilities including: 
• A new inlet point and pig launcher adjacent to the Pluto domestic gas export compressor.
• A new metering station is at the DBNGP Dampier Facilities near the KGP.
• A new pig receiver and outlet within the KGP.

License and Commissioning

The Pipeline License PL-122 was granted on the 23 October 2019.

AGIG expects to complete the Pluto-NWS Interconnector by mid-2021.