Hydrogen Park Murray Valley


Image: Artist impression of the HyP Murray Valley production facility.

A globally significant decarbonisation project

Gas is essential to our economy and modern lifestyles, providing nearly a quarter of Australia’s total energy supply. Although natural gas is currently cleaner than electricity delivered by the grid, there’s more we can do to deliver emissions reductions, while also contributing to energy security and ensuring costs remain as low as possible.

It aligns with our vision for a renewable gas future and 10% renewable gas across our networks by 2030.


About Hydrogen Park Murray Valley

HyP Murray Valley builds on our Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) and Hydrogen Park Gladstone (HyP Gladstone) facilities to deliver a globally significant decarbonisation project.

Enabled by $32.1m grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the $44m project is being developed by Australian Gas Networks and partners ENGIE.

Located alongside North East Water’s West Wodonga Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWWTP), the 10MW electrolyser would use water from the WWWTP and renewable electricity from AusNet’s electricity distribution network to produce a renewable hydrogen.

Renewable hydrogen from the facility will be blended with natural gas, at volumes of up to 10% for supply to the gas distribution networks supplying Wodonga and Albury – more than 40,000 connections; it can also supply industry and transport markets. The facility also produces oxygen gas which can be supplied to the nearby WWWTP for use in their processes.

The interconnected nature of the project with the WWWTP and the large market reach makes HyP Murray Valley a first for Australia and a project of global significance.

The Australian Hydrogen Centre selected Wodonga as the most suitable location to develop this blending project through a multi-criteria analysis of more than 30 potential areas. The location choice considered the characteristics of the gas network and associated infrastructure to deliver a renewable hydrogen production hub in Wodonga that is aimed at decarbonising local gas supply, industry and the transport sector.

Work is currently focussed on engineering, design and approval activities as we work towards an internal investment decision (Final Investment Decision, FID) before mid-2022. Production from the facility is expected to commence in the second half of 2023.

Fast facts

Final Investment Decision (FID) Quarter 2 2022 (expected)
Online Quarter 4 2023 (expected)
Electrolyser 10MW
Production Up to 177kg per hour
Storage 900kg onsite
Electricity Renewable electricity via AusNet grid*
Water 15L for 1kg of hydrogen**
Markets Up to 10% (volume)renewable gas blend to around 800 homes Potential for direct industrial supply and refuelling

** For context, annual volumes used to produce the hydrogen will be very low, equivalent to less than 0.2% of Wodonga’s annual water consumption.

Project timeline

Project timeline

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