Australian Hydrogen Centre


Investigating hydrogen networks through industry and government collaboration

Building upon our demonstration projects Hydrogen Park South Australia and Hydrogen Park Gladstone, the Australian Hydrogen Centre (AHC) is the next step in our journey, delivering feasibility studies on blending 10% renewable hydrogen into towns and cities, and plans for a 100% hydrogen future. 







Planning for our Low Carbon Future

Established at the end of 2019, the $4.15 million Australian Hydrogen Centre (AHC) is supported by a $1.28 million Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) grant with a two year work program to help accelerate the renewable gas industry by:

• Completing comprehensive studies to decarbonise gas consumption in Victoria and South Australia (with a focus on blending 10% renewable gas into gas networks and converting gas networks to 100% renewable gas)

• Developing project plans to inject 10% renewable hydrogen into selected regional towns

• Sharing the learnings from Hydrogen Park South Australia to apply to other renewable gas projects

• Establishing a platform for other states to decarbonise their gas consumption by leveraging on the Victorian and South Australian feasibility studies

Importantly, it will also raise community awareness on the use of renewable gas and how this fuel of the future can support achievement of emissions reduction targets.

“The natural gas network could be a key piece of infrastructure to support decarbonisation of the national energy system. The network has the potential to be used for the long-term storage of renewably produced hydrogen and limit the need for electrification alternatives, which can be costly.” 

“The development of a local hydrogen sector will underpin the investment in technology and skills to support the long term export opportunity. These studies will go a long way to identifying the possibility of using and storing hydrogen in local gas networks.” ARENA CEO Darren Miller

Founding Members

The AHC has received funding support from ARENA and founding members South Australia’s Department for Energy and Mining, Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, gas and energy infrastructure businesses, AGN and AusNet Services, and leading renewable energy companies, ENGIE and Neoen.

Australian Hydrogen Centre Founding Members


Image (From left to right): ARENA CEO Darren Miller, Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction the Hon Angus Taylor MP, South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan, AGIG CEO Ben Wilson, and AGIG Executive General Manager Customer and Strategy Craig de Laine at the Australian Hydrogen Centre announcement in early 2020.

AHC Timeline

• Q4 2019: Project start date

• Q1 2020: Official announcement of the Australian Hydrogen Centre by the Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction the Hon Angus Taylor MP

• Q1 2020: Selection of preferred Regional Towns to achieve 10% renewable gas blend

• Q2 2021: Completion of feasibility studies to achieve 10% renewable gas blend for preferred Regional Towns

• Q1 2022: Completion of feasibility studies to achieve:

• State-wide 10% renewable gas blend in South Australia and Victoria; and

• State-wide 100% renewable gas conversion in South Australia and Victoria.

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