Australian Gas Networks

AGN is one of Australia's largest natural gas distribution companies. We own approximately 25,000 kilometers of natural gas distribution networks and 1,100 kilometers of natural gas pipelines, serving over 1.2 million consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. We generate revenue by charging retailers to transport natural gas through our networks.


Where we've come from

Previously operating as Envestra Limited, our company is today known as Australian Gas Networks - a name which accurately reflects both the nature of our business now, and our focus on the future.

We have a rich history, with our origins dating back some 150 years to the gas distribution networks of the former South Australian and Brisbane Gas Companies, and the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria.

The South Australian and Brisbane Gas Companies (which started operating in the 1860s) were owned by Boral Limited. In early 1997, Boral decided to sell the distribution networks of both these companies by floating Envestra Limited as a new company. In March 1999, our company acquired part of the former Gas and Fuel Corporation's distribution network in Victoria. Today, our assets are collectively worth $3.4 billion.

Our group structure changed in September 2014. Three companies within the CK Group acquired all the listed shares in Envestra Limited and as a result, our name was changed in October 2014 to Australian Gas Networks. We are proud to operate under this name: it represents our business and supports our vision to be the leading gas infrastructure business in Australia.

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