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The goal of Procurement is to lead the undertaking of all contractual and procurement activities in an efficient, cost effective, confidential and ethical manner to enable the achievement of the AGIG values, visions and strategies and the continued safe operation of our assets.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) Purchase Order Terms and Conditions are maintained on this site for our suppliers to view at any time.

All suppliers are responsible for reviewing and complying with the documents maintained on this site as part of their normal business practice.

All Goods and Services supplied to the AGIG are required to be supplied in accordance with our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into between the AGIG and the supplier.

Sustainable Procurement

This AGIG Sustainable Procurement Statement is provided to AGIG suppliers to inform them of AGIG’s approach to matters of corporate social responsibility, reflecting AGIG’s Code of Conduct. AGIG suppliers are required to confirm to the principles set out in this statement. 

Suppliers – Registration of Interest

Suppliers interested in supplying goods and/or services to AGIG are invited to complete the attached ‘AGIG Supplier Registration Form’ and return the completed form to 

Our procurement team will review your registration and should your application be successful our team will contact you regarding your company becoming an AGIG preferred vendor.    


AGIG have established a business relationship with ISN to serve as the group’s primary contractor information management system. AGIG require all future contractors give careful consideration in subscribing to the ISN platform.  There is a nominal fee for this service and we believe the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs. 

Key Documents

Please refer the following document for all information pertaining to the supply of goods and services: 

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Does your business identify itself as a ‘small business’ because you have less than 20 employees? If so, refer to the following Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - Small Businesses

Supplier Code of Conduct

AGIG Sustainable Procurement Statement

AGIG Supplier Registration Form


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